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Excellent Electrolysis Hair Removal

Is shaving a tiresome chore? Do you want to get rid of irritating body hair that just keeps coming back? You can take care of unwanted hair today with our professional electrolysis. Just contact Adrienne today and get your FREE consultation.


Want to get a massage or haircut after your hair removal service? Want to learn more about our policies? Contact Salon Christine Hair and Spa of Milton, WA today.

Fantastic Electrolysis Rates

  • 20 minutes — $15

  • 30 minutes — $29

  • 45 minutes — $38

  • 60 minutes — $47

Effective Permanent Hair Removal

When you're looking for hair removal, choose the technique that works the best. Not only does electrolysis work with all skin types, but it also removes red, white, and blonde hairs instead of just dark hairs.

You can schedule your own personalized electrolysis appointment today. Call Adrienne's phone at 253-838-6882.

Call the stylists and beauticians that have over 100 years of combined experience.

Great Salon Discounts

You can save on electrolysis and other salon services today with our great discounts. New guests get 10% OFF their first service when they mention the new website. You can also ask Adrienne about her referral program too.